Risk assessment example

We look at building a sample risk assessment

A risk assessment can be done for just about anything that pertains to a situation where one could get injured or affected. Many businesses run risk assessments as some are mandatory by local, state and federal governments. Businesses run risk assessments also for financial reasons or for insurance providers. So as we look at this article we will be discussing the main points of what the risk assessment does as well as provide sample risk assessment scenarios. Some risk assessments are drawn into a mathematical equation that can be complex in order to come up with a forecast of risk. Other risk assessments can simply be just stating all the variables that could lead to individual and/or staff injuries. With risk assessments it is important to gather as much information as possible as doing so will help to educate you and everyone else that is participating in the assessment. Some risk assessments will need a third-party individual or staff to come in and properly oversee the process of filling out the risk assessment. We see that many individuals are often lost or overwhelmed when it comes to putting together a formal or even sample risk assessment so let’s get started on how we can alleviate some of this confusion.

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We look at the variables of the project risk assessment

If you are planning to oversee a project such as construction, landscaping, festival or any event that would require that safety precautions be taken in order to protect staff members as well as the general public; then you will want to look into running a proper project risk assessment. A risk assessment is formed by taking in as many know vulnerabilities and variables as possible and placing them on a risk assessment template so you can inform all of those that need to be in the know of what possible risks need to be brought to attention. Certain government and insurance offices require that the risk assessment is completed before a project is to take place. When building your project risk assessment will more than likely be asked to have a third-party individual or company come in to review what risks are apparent and need to be brought to the attention of staff members. And depending on the size of your project will determine the overall size your project assessment and in this article we are going to take a look at a hypothetical project and what needs to be addressed in order to form a proper risk assessment. Continue reading »

Construction Workers Looking at Roof

We look at all the variables of running a construction risk assessment

When it comes to construction jobs there are many different risks involved. In order to help prevent unnecessary accidents we need to focus on running a proper construction risk assessment. When working in the construction industry it’s no surprise that accidents do happen. In order to help dampen the risks of unnecessary injury occurring at the work site all individuals related to the construction need to be educated and well aware of the possibilities of injury and what they can do to help prevent unnecessary injuries from occurring. Depending on the size of your construction project will play a Continue reading »


We Look At Risk Assessment Examples


A risk assessment is a process that takes in all known possible risks found within an area. We have to factor in the probability and potential loss that can be found in the assessment. First off it will depend on what type of risk assessment that you are planning. Since there are many different forms of risk assessment that can be done we will use a risk assessment example in this article to give you a rough idea of what to expect. For our risk assessment example let’s say that we have a business that is in need of a proper risk assessment. This business has a front sales office that also caters to some customers as well as a warehouse with forklifts and delivery trucks. Continue reading »

man's foot about to slip on banana peel

We Look At Running A Business Risk Assessment


A business risk assessment can help shine some light on the probabilities of accidents that can occur around your business. Risks around your business are always common and need to be dealt with in order to keep your employees and customers safe from harm. With some individuals continually looking for leverage in order to create a lawsuit against your business with an accident that will hopefully be seen as neglect the court of law we see the need to run a proper risk assessment. This assessment will look at every known possibility for injury around your business and set about by using your own format for template to create a risk assessment form that identifies risks as well as helps to reduce the probability of an accident Continue reading »

environmental risk

We Will Look At How To Run A Proper Ecological Risk Assessment


An ecological risk assessment is a process of gathering variables in order to determine the likelihood of adverse ecological effect or effects that occur as a result of exposure. This assessment will help to evaluate the potential effects of human activities and construction on the surrounding ecosystem and its living organisms. But putting together a thorough ecological assessment we can identify the ecosystems vulnerabilities as well as resources. We can work to prioritize the data collection places in a formula in order to determine the potential effects placed on the ecosystem itself. As you’ll read in this article we will look at tips for planning the risk assessment in order to make it as accurate as possible. Continue reading »


How To Properly Run A Flood Risk Assessment


A risk assessment is a mathematical equation that takes all the known risks that are available and places them together in order to create the forecast of possible danger that is present. In order to run the risk assessment you will need to look at every variable that is available for consideration in order to make the best equation possible. The more information you can provide will help the assessment to likely become much more accurate. We have seen many businesses that have struggled to perform the proper assessments to the fact they have improperly taken steps or have forgotten certain variables that are crucial to forming a reliable risk assessment. Depending on how you want to run flood risk assessment also depends on if the agency is asking for the flood risk assessment will determine whether you need a third party candidate to oversee flood risk assessment. Continue reading »

Warning Sign

We Look At How To Define Risk Assessment


A risk assessment is a process of forecasting risk by using variables that are found in around the intended area. The risk assessment determines the value of risk and probability of which an accident or issue can arise. Risk assessments can be a simple procedure or very complex and often wired the government offices as well as insurance institutions. Depending on the complexity of the risk assessment that you plan to run will also determine complexity of the equation in which to solve the risk assessment. You will see that there are several different risk assessment templates that you can use in order to get the best results the easiest. Continue reading »


Keeping Us And Others Safe With A Fall Risk Assessment


There are many different variables in the world that can lead to dangers for individuals. We look at a risk that affects all of us and especially those who are getting older and have certain debilities that cause the rate of a fall to rise to a warning level. Running a risk assessment on someone can help clarify some of those variables and help you to form a more realistic and accurate risk assessment. We see that certain ailments have a larger effect and when someone is prone to injury or even a fatality due to a fall we need to look into what we can do to help detour such an event. So let’s look at setting up a fall risk assessment template and tool to start preventative strategies in order to lower individual risk. Continue reading »

risk management

We Look At Running Risk Assessments


For businesses today that have more than a handful of employees or customers that enter the business location means that the local government wants you to run a few risk assessments to make sure that your business is up to code. Insurance agencies as well might ask or discount for having run a certain risk assessment so we will look at how to get started and what types of assessments will be asked for. We see that there are several different risks that can be typical assessments for a business to undergo as we look at the main risks first as these will almost certainly be asked for by your insurance or government offices. First you will need to get your risk assessment templates that can be picked up at the office in which you are being asked to do the risk assessment for or in many cases you can visit that offices website and download a PDF file that will allow you to simply print the risk assessment template from your home or office. If you have to pick up your template then it is best to ask for a few in the case that you make some mistakes as these mistakes will only lead to delays and a possible redo or fine. Continue reading »

risk assesment form

Choosing The Right Risk Assessment Forms


A risk assessment is a great way to reevaluate your business and a risk assessment can be for many different categories so we will look at what you need to use for your risk assessment form. First we see that there is multiple risk assessments from fraud to legionella bacteria assessment. There are many out there and depending on what you want to do or what the district or federal government requires will also play a role in your risk assessment. Some insurance agencies call for fraud and theft risk assessments to be done as well as other fire and safety risk assessments and so you can usually locate these risk assessment forms through the company that is asking for them or your local government office. It is best to grab a few of the assessment forms as there are plenty of opportunities for mistakes. So take a moment to slowly go over the risk assessment form before you place a pen on it. Continue reading »

fraud risk assessment

The Importance Of A Fraud Risk Assessment

Throughout history we have see criminals use more and more clever techniques in order to steal ones identity and information. The same goes for today except now more than ever do we see criminals casing facilities as well as online looking for ways to get your companies data and items in order to make a profit on them. The scariest part is that many offenses are done internally so it is crucial that if you have a current business that deals with data and/or items that can be stolen and used in a criminal fashion then it is imperative that you run a fraud risk assessment. In this article we are going to look at what the advantages are of running a proper fraud risk assessment. This assessment will take a look at the more common areas that are neglected to be secured by most and are common targets for those seeking to commit fraud type actions. We will also look at what you can do to protect yourself in other ways that are sometimes targets for criminals as well as well as get the point around the office that your business is taking the steps to track and maintain proper records and that if any employees be so daring to try and commit fraud will soon be reprimanded. Continue reading »

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How To Go About Performing A Legionella Risk Assessment


A Legionella risk assessment is something that usually has to be provided if your place of business has five or more employees although this differs from location to location so it is important to check the local statutes in order to pass all the ordinances. A Legionella risk assessment sometimes coincides or is an amendment to your health and safety risk assessment so you might want to check before starting a whole risk assessment dedicated to Legionella. We must look at Legionella and its rarity yet severity to understand why a Legionella risk assessment is needed. Continue reading »

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Learning How To Properly Fill Out A Fire Risk Assessment Template


A fire risk assessment is a good way to keep your business safe and in order to do that you need to look at filling out a fire risk assessment template. This can be done in a short amount of time if you know what all you need to include in order for it to pass and insurance and city, state, or federal ordnances.

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health-safety-risk assessment

Collecting Data for a Proper Health and Safety Risk Assessment


A health and safety risk assessment is a graphed equation that takes in as many variables by numbers in order to create the most accurate data and forecast of possible risks that can occur. A health and safety risk assessment provides safety assessment in a place of work. Preventative measures are customized per business as a health and safety risk assessment is completed thus giving the data needed to all the inquiries. Statistical data of accidents in the workplace are all factors, these factors can be anything such as placement of objects, machinery, and even something as inconspicuous as mopping the floor.  The possibility of injury in the work environment is always evident but by taking in as much data as possible and forming a proper assessment form of all the risks can assist the business to avoided work environment related injuries and possibly save the company from workers compensation or work related injury lawsuit.

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Completing a Internal Audit Risk Assessment


An internal audit risk assessment is an evaluation of risk in which the facts and forecasts are both present and used in the assessment. The potential to forecast an audit can be very difficult to measure but with the help of a graphed and statistical risk assessment you have a better chance of locating a smaller window or risk in general for being audited. The chance of error all depends on how many variables there are present that can be in measured, usually when only by two concepts is great. The factors can be great so it is up to you to place the relevant factors of your risk as you will need to be able to graph what you can in order to help forecast an outcome properly. The risk assessment factors used in selecting audits are designed in conjunction with the objectives of auditing different departments of your business.  In general, these audits would include some of the following for example we use a government office:

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Risk assessment example information

While trying to find a risk assessment example, we must first define what the term risk assessment means. Risk assessment is usually used in risk management procedure. It represents method for looking all work activities in the work process, forecasting what could go wrong and delivering control measures damage, loss or injury at the workplace. The risk assessment should also include solution to reduce or minimize or eventually eliminate the risks at the workplace. Risk assessment in an organization is conducted because the security of the personal or customers is at first place. You don’t want employees or customers suing your company for any damages or injuries if no precautions are made. You cannot always eliminate the risks but they can be reduced to minimum. So, now when we have that defined, let’s move on to risk assessment example. Continue reading »


The risk assessment definition

Risk assessment is known as a step in a risk management procedure. Investors and business managers can use risk assessment in order to reduce the damage that can happen in their company and in their business. Risk assessment definition is used for a particular investment that should not be lost or to mitigate in a particular activity. All encyclopedias explain the risk assessment definition as a formal use for the managers from certain business in order to reduce the likelihood of large losses. So, if you are, for example, a business owner, you should do the risk assessment to make sure that the risk is minimal. Continue reading »


Knowing the five steps to risk assessment

An important step in protecting the company, the employees in it, and acting in accordance with the law is the risk assessment. To be more precise, there are five steps to risk assessment a company can enforce. This will help the company to stay focused on the risks that are really important and can cause harm and damage. Risk assessment is no more than a method to examine and make sure that the company is doing its best to prevent harmful deeds and make sure that accidents, illness and similar situations are in control. As mentioned before, there are usually five steps to risk assessment, and companies tend to follow them in order to minimize negative consequences. Here are some more details on those five steps. Continue reading »


Running an environmental risk assessment

Risk management has an aspect of data gathering and algorithmic process called risk assessment. It is connected with deciding how risky a situation or an occurrence is. Risk assessment strives to be objective, although sometimes that can be very difficult, since the risk is not always an objective category. Risk assessment involves prediction of future events and analysing previous situations and occurrences. With the language of the logic, we might say that it has a lot to do with inductive logic and it involves the inductive method as the most common method. There are various types of risk assessment including financial risk assessment, public health risk assessment, environmental risk assessment and few others. In environmental risk assessment the risk is expressed verbally, while in finical risk assessment it is expressed in number, i.e. how much money the subject risks losing. Continue reading »


IT Risk Assessment Template – Protection Starts with Understanding the Consequences

IT Risk Assessment TemplateAn IT risk assessment template can provide the necessary tools for security and risk prevention that has already been assembled based on past failures and statistics to get a head start on risk assessment.  IT risk assessment plays a vital role as it can help to determine possible outcomes and thereby prevent them from occurring with the necessary preventative measures.  This helps companies to decide what might happen in any give scenario so that they can see down all possible avenues and be prepared for the worst as well as posting the necessary precautions and measures to keep the worst from occurring in the first place.  It allows for a strategic plan to be put in place to prevent data loss, security failures, and confidentiality failures among other things. Continue reading »


IT Risk Assessment – Information Flow

IT Risk AssessmentAn IT risk assessment helps companies dealing with data entry, security, and information to allow management to be better prepared for instances of failure that may result in information loss, security breaches, or may harm confidentiality of certain parties involved and provide measures to prevent the occurrences. This allows for better control over the uncontrollable, as strange as that sounds that is essentially what is occurring as the measure scan help to reduce the possibilities of the worst from happening as well as providing certain measures to be able to get things back up and running again as quickly as possible if something should happen whether it is a server going down or any number of other things. By performing a risk assessment it can be decided on what backup sources need to be available to store information as well as what needs to happen to get everything back up and running if something does happen in the shortest amount of time possible to avoid losing money or customers. Continue reading »


Risk Assessment Process – Statistical Probability

Risk Assessment ProcessThe risk assessment process determines the mathematical and statistical probability of an accident occurring, be it through loss, death, or even environmental hazards.  By understanding the possible risks they can therefore be avoided and proper procedures can be introduced to minimize the possibility of any accidents. This can be appropriated through many different resources and applied to any activity that involves some amount of risk. Whether this is for deciding a business strategy, environmental or wildlife planning, home building, or creating safety procedures and prevention methods in the workplace, the risk assessment process remains basically intact but will simply have different requirements as to what questions need to be asked.  There are many risk assessment questionnaires online for just about everything and individuals or organizations can create their own by using a template to know where to begin. Continue reading »


Risk Assessment Tools – Plotting Out Preventative Measures

Risk Assessment ToolsRisk assessment tools are a great way to determine certain risk factors that may be prevalent in any activity which can include anything from business ventures to outdoor pursuits. A risk assessment tool will allow for a full spectrum of possible scenarios to be dealt with accordingly by setting up preventative measures and being better prepared if the worst should happen. Of course the whole idea is to set up the necessary measures to prevent any unnecessary occurrences by plotting out every possible angle to create the best possible safety measures. This usually consists of a questionnaire that will ask a series of questions and then determine the necessary steps according to the answers. The mathematical probability is then determined as to what has the highest percentage of occurrence to see what issues need to be dealt with of the highest priority. Continue reading »


Risk Assessment Worksheet – Preventative Measures

Risk Assessment WorksheetA risk assessment worksheet provides the necessary tools to assess risk and therefore avoid it or reduce the possibility and percentage of accidents and other risk related incidents.  The worksheets are often used in business and organizations to determine the mitigating factors that may cause problems in any activity that incurs risk. It consists of a questionnaire to determine the possibility and percentage of risk using mathematical probability.  There are worksheets already prepared to certain business types and for many other activities including outdoor pursuits and environmental protection among other things.  There is risk in nearly every activity and the best way to avoid those risks is quite simply to know that they exist so that precautions can be taken against it. Continue reading »


Security Risk Assessment – Preparing for the “What If?”

Security Risk AssessmentA security risk assessment allows for better security measures to be put into place to avoid any possible negative occurrences by determining any possible outcomes that may cause a security issue.  This helps add a measure of control to certain activities or business and organization ventures by providing valuable information that can help to determine all the possible outcomes and set security measures in place to avoid them and have a safer environment while also being prepared so that damage control is at maximum efficiency and companies and organizations are ready for anything.  This is typically achieved by performing a risk assessment of current processes and any possible dangers therein as well as determining future changes and the what ifs of all it involves. Continue reading »


What is Risk Assessment – Probability of Risk

What is Risk AssessmentMany may wonder ‘what is risk assessment?’  Risk assessment is a way to determine risk and possible dangers that may occur in any activity.  It is based on the probability of risks occurring and also uses statistics to determine risk in a mathematical and scientific fashion. This allows for these risk to be avoided or to be better prepared for the possible risk.  For example when driving a vehicle we assess risk to determine when to slow down, when to speed up, when to pass, and other such things.  When we plan a trip we may pack the necessary things we need based on our own risk assessment. We might pack an extra coat to prepare for varying weather conditions, or pack a first aid kit in case of injury, have a satellite phone if going into dangerous territory.  All of these things are technically considered as a risk assessment as we are preparing for the possibility of risk based on the environment, statistical probability, weather conditions, capability of the individual, amongst other things.
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Trips Risk Assessment – Plan Ahead

Trips Risk AssessmentA trips risk assessment is a risk assessment tool to assess the possibilities and dangers, or risk, involved in trip planning including vacation, adventure, and even school field trips.  In some cases it may entail POV risk assessment to assess the inherent risk in driving your vehicle by taking several factors into account.  For instance a risk assessment form may ask questions like are you going to wear your seatbelt, and other such things and will take into account your environment for the planned trip to assess the possibilities or dangers involved.  For instance if the environment has particular road hazards that may cause flat tires more frequently than in other environments this should be taken into consideration to plan accordingly with the right tools and a spare to change a flat tire.  This works for many different types of transportation.  For instance a mountain bike trip to an environment that is known to have thorns means individuals participating in the event or trip should bring extra tire tubes and the right tools to change them.
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POV Risk Assessment – Statistics and Probability

POV Risk AssessmentA POV Risk Assessment provides the information to avoid risk when driving a Privately Owned Vehicle (POV).  It is used in Trips Risk assessment for planning trips such as vacations, expeditions, and the Army uses it for assessing the inherent dangers of military members going off base while on active duty.  It consists of a questionnaire that will ask a series of questions based on statistics and possible dangers to determine the risk involved in the activity while driving.  This makes it easier to be aware of certain dangers that may occur.  There will be questions that may seem obvious in determining risk just to be thorough but there are other factors to consider that some may not think to consider.  Some questions include things like are you going to wear a seatbelt, expected weather conditions, condition of vehicle, expected departure and return, to name a few.
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HSE Risk Assessment – Preventative Measures

HSE Risk AssessmentAn HSE risk assessment provides safety in the workplace to determine possible risks and therefore create the preventative measures to avoid them.  Anything and everything is considered including statistics of accidents in the workplace due to certain factors such as placement of objects, stairs, and other things.  The possibility of injury in work environments is always a possibility but with the proper HSE risk assessment form these risks can be avoided and a safer work environment can be provided to reduce injury as well as liability.  Managing risk is important in the workplace and a risk assessment form can help businesses comply with health and safety laws as well as helping their employees and customers to be safer.  Once all the possible conditions of risk have been assessed then all the right prevention methods can be placed.
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Health Risk Assessment – Think Ahead

Health Risk AssessmentA health risk assessment can be performed to accurately understand the inherent risks in one’s health and therefore find sensible solutions or prevention methods. A health risk assessment form is essentially a questionnaire that will ask a series of questions dealing with the individual’s health and wellness as well as mitigating factors such as past health problems, family health problems and so forth to determine possible medical issues. This data can then be analyzed to understand if the individual might be at risk for certain health problems such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or other ailments or diseases. If the individual is at risk then preventative measures can be taken to reduce those risks and lead to a healthier lifestyle. You can find a free online health risk assessment questionnaire to help you better understand if you might be at risk for any health issues whether you are looking for a broad overall sense of health or for particular risks such as cancer or heart disease to see if you need to take steps to change your lifestyle and avoid these risks.

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Risk Assessment Template – What If?

Risk Assessment TemplateA risk assessment template can help to assess risk by using a pre designed template with which to manage and reduce risk. A risk assessment worksheet allows companies and individuals to properly reduce and manage risk by using questionnaires and templates to determine the possible risk in certain activities and areas of business. This can help businesses to save money and time by essentially designing a series of questions and determining possible risk such as making a list of parameters of cause and effect that contain the risk. For example a company can determine that a contract needs to be met at a certain time and then deduce the consequences if the contract is not met to determine what possible risks might keep it from happening using a ‘what if?’ scenario. In this scenario the end consequence might be the loss of a significant amount of money. If certain events transpire then it may keep the contract from being met on time and then a company can see which areas need to be properly managed to keep those risks from occurring. This is just one small example of how a risk assessment template can be utilized.

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Army Risk Assessment – Vital to Operations

Army risk assessmentArmy risk assessment plays a vital role in operations and mission management to reduce risk for the best probability of success. Vital may be too weak of a word for what risk assessment means in the military for it is an important standard in the army. While businesses use risk assessment to prevent financial loss, army risk assessment is used to save countless lives. By taking ‘what if?’ scenarios to deduce the worst possible outcomes, operations can be analyzed to take the necessary precautions or make the appropriate changes for mission success. Once the worst case scenarios have been presented then it is possible to take a step back and look at what might cause these failures that can be catastrophic for a soldier. Once the possible causes have been identified they can then be managed properly to avoid those risks and create alternative means that will lead to the best possible outcome.

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Risk Assessment Software – Manage Risk

Risk Assessment SoftwareRisk assessment software is available to help businesses and individuals get an accurate risk assessment to better manage and avoid risk. This can help businesses reduce loss and help to understand the risks inherent in any activity while allowing these areas that are at risk in any process or strategy to be better understood and recognized so that it can be managed and avoided by focusing on the areas that might be affected and therefore cause problems, injuries, or loss in any activity. Risk assessment software is primarily used in financial risk assessment, health risk assessment, and IT risk assessment but is not limited to these activities and can be used to assess risk in any activity. This can even be for trip risk assessment, including outdoor activities, and other such ventures.

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What is a Risk Assessment? – Probability of Risk

What is a Risk Assessment?, a Risk Assessment, Risk Assessment, What is a risk assessment? It is a scientific and mathematical probability of the possible risk in certain activities.  It is essentially a ‘what could happen?’ scenario using statistics from many different sources including animal behavior research, prior statistics, environmental issues including weather patterns and fault lines, along with many other sources to assess a scientific and mathematical value of the possibility that a person may be injured or killed performing certain activities.  There are different types of risk being assessed as well, from the voluntary activities such as driving a vehicle or skydiving where there is an inherent risk in the activity that is known before participating in such activity.  The other is involuntary risk that deal mostly with such things as acts of god, though can sometimes involve things like toxic inhalation, something that was previously not consented to, or should we say not consented enough to accept the said risks.

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What is a Risk Assessment Tool? – Data Collection

What is a Risk Assessment Tool?, A risk assessment tool, risk assessment tools, risk assessment,A risk assessment tool allows data to be collected and analyzed to determine the probability of risk.  It is essentially just a form that usually consists of yes or no questions that can be filled out and then a probability of risk can be assessed from the information.  It is a tool that simplifies the process of risk assessment to determine anything from fire risk assessment, health risk assessment, and even mental health risk assessment.  These risk assessment tools are primarily used by insurance companies but are also used by government agencies and many businesses including the stock market to determine many different factors.  It may determine financial risk, health risk, risk of death or injury, or the possibility of property damage just to name a few.  It is based on a scientific process to provide statistics of possible dangers involved to determine the risk involved.  For instance the risk of skydiving may use statistics of accidents while performing this activity to determine a percentage comparatively to amount of deaths and injuries to assess the possibility of these events occurring.  A similar process may be used for auto insurance by using the statistics of accidents by age groups and accidents in certain vehicles or how many deaths occur in it, and by combining the data they can assess the risk to give insurance rates based on this information.  For example an older man in a vehicle with a high safety rating will have a much lower risk assessment than a teenager in a turbo charged sports car and will affect the rates that are offered.

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What is a Risk Assessment Form? – Purpose

What is a Risk Assessment Form?, a risk assessment form, health risk assessment forms, risk assessment forms, A risk assessment form is used by many professions and students to determine certain risks that may be involved.  For example a science student may have to fill out a risk assessment form before conducting an experiment that will then be signed by a supervisor so the risk can be determined to clear the project or for liability reasons in regard to insurance and whether the project can be allowed.  A risk assessment form can also be used to determine health risks.  By filling out a health risk assessment form and answering a series of questions it can be determined if an individual is at risk of a health issue such as cancer or heart disease.  There are many risk assessment forms available online for just about everything to determine the inherent risk possible for many activities, business, health, etc.  These forms can be used for a broad spectrum or narrowed down to include a certain aspect, for instance in the matter of health risk assessment forms it can be narrowed down to a very specific disease in which the form can be filled out by answering a series of specific questions, typically with yes or no answers to determine if an individual is at risk for that disease.  A questionnaire may ask questions about your lifestyle or ask if you have felt certain symptoms.  It can help dramatically by allowing people to fill out these forms and then use previous statistics and scientific data to narrow down possible causes and give a proper diagnosis.  They are also very useful in determining insurance rates by understanding what might be more of a risk based on things like age, location, and in the case of auto insurance what type of car is being driven and where it may be parked, etc.

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What is the purpose of a risk assessment? – Probability

What is the purpose of a risk assessment?When determining ‘what is the purpose of a risk assessment?’ it is important to understand what it is.  A risk assessment is a mathematical probability that is basically used for a ‘what if’ situation to determine the possibilities of certain accidents, damage, or loss.  This can pertain to human health or possibility of injury or fatality; environmental risks to humans, property, or animals; possibility of damage to property or humans, as well as many others.  Fair warning, the words possibility and probability will be used quite often to explain risk assessment but in determining the risk of repetitively overusing certain words, it has been determined that the probability of being able to explain the possibilities of risk assessment without them will outweigh the repetitive redundancy of said words.  Assuming that last sentence managed to make sense, let’s get on with it.

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