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Learning How To Properly Fill Out A Fire Risk Assessment Template


A fire risk assessment is a good way to keep your business safe and in order to do that you need to look at filling out a fire risk assessment template. This can be done in a short amount of time if you know what all you need to include in order for it to pass and insurance and city, state, or federal ordnances.

Starting your Fire Risk Assessment Template


1. You will need a cover page that shows your basic and general information. You will want to include the following:


  • Title – Fire Risk Assessment
  • Premises Name – Your Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Business Telephone Number
  • Use of Premises – Office, Warehouse, etc
  • Person In Control Of Workplace
  • Date of Fire Risk Assessment
  • Name and Details who carried out the Fire Risk Assessment


2. A Statement of Policy – Your Intentions Of Fire Suppression and Safety


3. You will want to have a commentary page for the fire inspectors

  • This will need to review that your establishment is adequate for fire safety


4. A General Description of Premises:

  • This will show the age of the building and if it is of a low or high risk
  • Any Fire Proofing
  • Staircase and Escapes
  • Occupancy Levels
  • Time of Use of Premises
  • Employee Numbers
  • Building Size and Levels


5. Fire Safety and Suppression

  • If you have and automatic fire detection or fire alarm system
  • Emergency systems such as lighting and sprinklers


6. Plan Drawing

  • This will need to be a floor plan showing your building and the fire escape and suppresion routes


7. Identify the Fire Hazards of the Office

  • Any Sources of Ignition
  • Any Sources of Fuel
  • Any Sources of hazard by work that is carried out
  • Any Structural hazards that could promote fire


8. Identifying persons of risk

  • If there are dedicated smoking areas
  • Persons in charge of fire evacuation
  • If an area is prone to hazards or hard to evacuate then acknowledge and show what this area is primarily used for such as storage


Fire Risk Assessment Template – Evacuation and Fire Systems


9. Horizontal Evacuation

  • Describe what means of escape you have in the event of a fire
  • Describe fire exits, extinguishers, if there are any dead ends, etc


10. Vertical Evacuation

  • Describe fire evacuation through means of internal and external staircases if necessary


11. Fire Safety Signs

  • Just a brief description of what you have in place


12. Fire Warning System

  • Just a brief description of what you have in use


13. Fire Lighting System

  • Just a brief description of what you have in use


14. Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Just a brief description of what you have in use


15. Fire Management and Maintenance

  • This will simply go over the regular checks of the fire safety equipment and protocol
  • You will want to show how many times you have had a maintenance individual or fire Marshall inspect fire safety items


Fire Risk Assessment Template – Action Plans and Protocol


16. Method of Calling Fire Service

  • Who is in charge of calling the emergency number, receptionist, director, etc
  • Also state if you have an alarm system that automatically does it as well


17. Emergency Action Plan

  • Let it be known that you have a plan established for your employees


18. Emergency Training

  • Let it be known who is in charge of said training and how often training is discussed and reviewed


Fire Risk Assessment Template – Remaining Issues or Findings


19. Fire Safety Issues That Require Attention

  • If any issues are brought to your attention then write them down and place a date when you plan to alleviate any and all issues


20. Significant Findings

  • If anything is found out about fire safety or lack of then you can record it and if it will be handled and when


21. Additional Hazards (If Any)

  • If there are hazards that need to be known the write them in this area


Fire Risk Assessment TemplateFire Risk Assessment Template


This hopefully will help you to know what all is asked for on a fire risk assessment template. This should cover everything that will be asked of your business and will help to prepare you in the event of a fire. A fire risk assessment template will help your business stay in the guidelines of safety and therefore you can operate without fear of fines or closure. f you would like to know more about fire risk assessment template or you have some advice about a fire risk assessment template then write to us in the comment section as well as visit our affiliated for more insight.


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